Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Photo Frame Tutorial

Today I am posting a tutorial for a quick little photo frame.

I apologise for the quality of the photos, I really must learn how to take better photos.

This is the completed free standing photo frame.

To make this photo frame you will need the following supplies

(please keep in mind that I have done my best to work out the measurements as exactly as possible but I typically just work stuff out as I go along so you will need to check all measurements against your own work)

2 - 13cm x 13cm x .6cm chip board squares
1 sheet of clear acetate
Designer Paper
Thin ribbon
Double sided Tape
Paper Cutter
Craft Knife
Hole Punch
Modge Podge
Paint brush (for the modge podge)

Cut the following:

Designer Paper  - 14.2cm x 14.2cm
Cardstock - 10.6cm x 11.8cm
Clear Acetate - 13cm x 13cm

Cut the following pieces from one of the chipboard squares:

2 strips -13cm x 1.2cm
1strip - 10.6cm x 1.2cm
Rectangle - 10cm x 4.5cm

(please excuse the hair on the lense in this photo that I only just now noticed as I have uploaded the photo).

Punch holes through your chipboard square and large rectangle as shown in photo. Hole will need to be about 2cm from the bottom edge.

Make a cut across the top of the large rectange approximately 2.5cm from the top edge, but don't cut all the way through the chipboard. This rectangle will be the stand at the back of the frame. The small piece above the cut is where the double sided tape goes to adhere it to the back of the frame. The cut creates the hinge effect.

Place some double sided tape on the back of the thin strips and above the cut on the large rectangle.

Stick the strips of chipboard to the sides and bottom of the chipboard square.
Thread a piece of ribbon through the hole and tape in place.
The other end of this ribbon will go through the hole in the large rectange piece later on to work as a stopper so that the stand can not be bent too far back and break off.

Using double sided tape stick the cardstock down on to the chipboard to cover the ribbon.

Place strips of double sided tape around the edges and stick down the acetate square. (dont stick the acetate down at the top! This is where your photo will slide in and out)

On the back of the square of designer paper score .6cm (6mm) on all sides.

Then draw lines at 1.5cm all the way around.

Using your craft knife cut out the small square that you have drawn in the middle.

Run strips of double sided tape all the way around the back of the designer paper as shown in photo.

Cut two cuts on either side at the top and bottom of the square just to the .6cm score line, so that when you go to wrap the paper around the edges of the frame you get a much neater corner.

Cut a rectangular slit at the top of the designer paper as shown in the photo. This will be where your photo will slide in and out. This rectangular slit needs to line up with the square you have cut out in the middle but only needs to be about .3cm (3mm) wide.

Now stick the designer paper down on to the frame making sure to line the slit you have cut in the top of the designer paper with the opening at the top of the frame.

Now you can stick the stand to the back of the frame.

Thread the ribbon through the hole and tape it in to place.

Decorate the front of your frame with your chosen embellishments and then give it a coat of Modge Podge to seal it all.

I hope that this tutorial has made sense. It always seems to be that I do these very late at night! Please leave me a message if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by today.



Lisa Jane said...

Fab photo frame Michelle - great tutorial, reallye asy to follow. Will have a go.
I love that corner and the handmade flowers finish it off nicely.
Lisa ;)

Marlene said...

Beautiful frame! Great tutorial, too! Made perfect sense to me!

Pretty-In-Ink said...

It's a fabulous tutorial Michelle! The frame is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! xx

Shirley-anne said...

Lovely Michelle , well done .
May I have one with photo of boys for Christmas? Mum

Sarpreet said...

Thanks for posting a tutorial and sharing, great frame and picture

Crafty Chris said...

thanks for the tutorial you have made a gorgeous frame with beautiful flowers thanks for sharing.
Christine x

Beverley said...

Michelle...thanks for sharing this great tutorial...your frame turned out beautiful...and something I must try...this is going to make a wonderful gift...thanks for the sweet comments on my blog...and have a stampin' good day.

Stampin' HUGZ

Helen said...

Hi Michelle,
Great frame! and thank you for taking the time to do the tutorial. This frame would make a great gift!

Emma said...

Fantastic tutorial and gorgeous frame.
Hugs Emma x