Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meet The MIM Team - Shirely-Anne

Hi there!!

Oh boy, I'm a bit late! Just realised now that the post I had scheduled for this morning did not post.

Well, never mind, here we are now and it's time for the 

Meet The MIM team

feature post.

This week we get to know Shirley-Anne a little better.

For those of you who don't know (there might be a few,lol) Shirley-Anne is my Mum.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to share this hobby with her. 

Ok, let's go visit Shirley-Anne!!


Joining Michelle on Make it Monday, right at the beginning of its journey, would have to be the proudest moment , ever, and watching her take it to the dizzy heights it now enjoys,  is quite simply, awesome .

I love this too because it allows me to share the cards I create with all who visit my blog .

I have been card making for several years now . I began by recycling Christmas cards until I bought my first stamp and the rest is history . I would say that my style is definitely CAS, although I do make some vintage styles with a little embellishing flowers or bling .

My favourite colours are from the Autumn spectrum and my favourite tool would have to be the stamp-ma-jig . Then, my favourite research tool is my computer where there is an unending supply of inspiration .
I enjoy sharing my love of papercraft and stamping , holding workshops at home .

My Husband and I live in Adelaide , Australia .
Our leafy suburb , Campbelltown has many parks , most of which are a few minutes walk from home .
This is Morialta Falls just a 20 minute walk away .
I enjoy walking everyday .

                                                       Ducks at Lochiel Park.

I love and am grateful for,   the age I am , the place in which I live , my family and friends .
This is me , Shirley-Anne , really .

Thank's (Mum) Shirley-Anne!!

I'm looking forward to coming to visit you for real later this year!

Thanks for stopping by today, next week we get to go visit Chrissy.

Michelle :o)


Mary J said...

It's so lovely to read more about you Shirley-Anne! I wish I could join your workshops!!

Lisa Minckler said...

That makes two of us, I agree with Mary...what a hoot to get us all together. Wonderful to learn more about you Shirley-Anne...your cards are always so inspiring to me. :) I wish I could walk 20 mintues to see something like that. 20 minute walk here would lead me to another cornfield! :)

Lisa Jane said...

LOved reading all about you Shirley Anne .. fab pics - and maybe Mary J and i can come over and join you one day lol
Lisa x

Jill said...

So nice to read a bit more about your lovely mum, Michelle!! :)

Chrissy said...

I could happily sit in your workshops too...wonderful that you go out walking everyday, and what a lovely place to walk to.A pleasure to 'know' you Shirley-Anne..


Marjorie said...

Those Water falls look so beautiful, what a lovely place to be able to walk too. It was lovely to read a little bit about you Shirley-Anne, and I know that feeling of pride when your grown up little girl achieves something special, you make a lovely team :)

Monica said...

Lovely read, Shirley-Anne, and I love the photos you shared of nature and friends. How blessed are you to live in such a pretty area. And I am even more blessed to know someone as kind as you.


Sandy said...

Lucky me, I do get to attend Shirley's workshops and enjoy being classed as a friend too. Thanks for just being "you" Shirley,

Karen said...

How wonderful the thought of us all getting together "for real" at our very own workshop!! Smiles..
A lovely post Shirley Anne - you truly do live in a wonderful part of the world..
Love n hugs.

Rene said...

Great bio! So fun that you two can share this together...can't wait until my girls get old enough to...oh wait, then I have to share my toys! Lol!
Rene :D

Shirley-Anne said...

Thanks teamies and friends . Yes I am so proud of Michelle and absolutely love sharing our common interest in papercraft .Me thinks I learn more from her though !
And , as for where I live ...well it is an avenue in Heaven .I will try never to lose my appreciation for HOME .