Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meet The MIM Team - Karen


Welcome back to the second of the Meet The MIM Team features.

This week it is Karen's turn to tell us a little bit about herself.

As you all know (smiles) I’m Karen – and I have been crafting now for around 6years.. Well perhaps I should amend that to say I have been card making now for around 6 years.. Before that I used to cross stitch, and occasionally make smaller cross stitch designs into cards.  But when I look back at them now – I cringe!! Lol! :0)

I also used to try my hand at knitting, but I haven’t done that in years -  around three years ago I taught myself how to crochet.  I learnt the American way, not the British, as I simply found it so much easier.  And I never picked up another knitting needle since.. Just love my crocheting. Smiles.  Although since my illness I haven’t done it so much – it’s as and when I can manage my fingers around those hooks I’m afraid.

My family and I live in the south of England – but I’m actually a Yorkshire lass born and bred, and always will be at heart. :0)
We moved recently to Deal which is about as far south as you can get before you drop into the sea! Hehehe.
It’s a tiny little fishing town and truly is a delightful place to be! We  even still have an old fashioned red telephone box on our roundabout in the town centre! Smiles.
 Deal is a full of history, and all along the seafront there are interesting boards to read with photographs too.
Kent, Deal, view from Pier West
We  have our own Castle in Deal – Which was built by the order of King Henry VIII it is one of the finest Tudor artillery castles in England, and among the earliest and most elaborate of a chain of coastal forts, which also includes Calshot, Camber, Walmer and Pendennis Castles.deal
Before we moved to Deal, I used to have a big old craft room and then I ended up with just the dining room table this past three months (and my creativity dwindled somewhat) I had to clear away after myself and you know me, it spoils my creative flow when I can’t leave a mess sometimes… I don’t know if any of you are the same? But how many of you make some of your best creations from the scraps you’ve left over from your last project?  I have, and more often than you would imagine too! Lol. :0)
So it is with great pleasure that I’m showing you my all new little crafty space today – in our brand new home! Smiles.
It is by no means a craft room – but it is however somewhere that at least fits my computer and my craft table, so it is my own little space.
It’s an open extension straight off from the lounge and I love it!! Smiles.  And yes, it’s getting lots of use already!! Hehehe. ;0)
Here it is all nice and messy!! Right after being used. :0) – My cameo is under the black and white cover (next to my computer which you can see to the far right of the picture there.)

My wonderful friend Wendy made me that cover and I treasure it so much. Smiles.
I do have a new computer chair coming tomorrow – this one is so old and hurts my back a lot.  So it really has to go, sadly.
Here is my side unit fitted in to my space to the back of where my table sits – can you see that I have so much natural light coming into my little space??!! :0) Even on a bleak, rainy day like today it’s just amazing!!
And here we are all nice and tidy and clean! (Well, I thought it was about time, I could hardly see the table nor my computer desk. Rofl!!)

(SShh I’ll let you into a secret!  I had already started to tidy up a bit before I began taking the pictures.  LOL.)
I have had a few requests from my crafty friends asking for pics of my new space –  I figured it was also time to stop being lazy – and get out my camera – tidy up a little (or a lot!) and get these pictures sorted out for you all.  Smiles.
So there you have it – my new little space just for me!  And yes it makes me smile each time I sit out here. :0)
Here is a picture of my new chair – and yes it’s the bee’s knees and fabby for my back and posture!! :0)
You can't see it from this angle, but the chair has built in pads in strategic places, and they are just perfect!!

I really adore being on the Make It Monday team because the girls are all fabulous, and they feel like one big extended family. Smiles.  Already, I couldn't be without them!
And you know, all of you wonderful crafty bloggers out there - well you make it so worth while each and every week too... I'm sure that none of you have the first clue how much I enjoy visiting your blogs and oohing and aahing over  your fabulous creations each week.  :0) Seriously, I'm blown away by what all of you create - and I love being so inspired by the amazing talent out in blogland... it's just so great to be a part of it.

I hope you have enjoyed “meeting” me a little better. :0)
Hugs & HaPPy Crafting Everyone!

Thanks Karen! 
Love the photos. Deal sounds like a wonderful place.
Your new crafting space is so bright and airy.

Next week it is Rene's turn.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Michelle :o)


Chrissy said...

Lovely little town Karen and love your craft space..it is lovely and light..now I know where all the masterpieces come from..Thanks for sharing..


Shirley-anne said...

And I bet everything is within walking distance from home , Karen?
Looks a delightful place to live .Your room looks wonderful , love the window .
Hugs Shirley-Anne

Karen said...

Smiles - almost Shirley - We do all love it here..
the sea front is 20minutes walk and the park is 12 minutes walk.. so the essentials are taken care of!! Hehehe.xx

Mary J said...

So lovely Karen - it's so great to know so much more about you!! You craftroom is so neat - and fab daylight!

Rene said...

Hi Karen!!!! Great bio...love the pictures! Can't believe how sunny your room is...I just want to hop across the pond and go visit you!
Rene :D

julie_woolston said...

Hi Karen love your crafty space, it's lovely and light and very tidy unlike mine.
It looks lovely in deal am so pleased you are all happy in your new home.

Hugs Julie x