Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meet The MIM Team - Lisa


So glad you came by today.

Today for the weekly Meet The MIM Team feature we are visiting the

wonderfully witty and terrifically talented Lisa

I am so happy to have this wonderful opportunity to 'meet' you all here at Pink Paper Paradise. Thank you Michelle for allowing us to share a little bit about ourselves.   I wish I had something riveting to share with you, but I'm a rather simple gal from the Midwest, but here goes anyway. :)
 Here I am as a pretty convincing Avatar, don't you think?

First off, my name is Lisa and I go by many nicknames (IE.. Bird, Twang, Quirks, Mom, 'excuse me, lady with the glitter on her butt', etc...)  I currently reside in Knob Noster, Missouri...home of the B-2 Bomber.  I'm married to a military fire fighter who is currently serving overseas and while he is away, I'm at home taking care of our two teenagers who will BOTH be driving here shortly...that's not scary at all!!! EEEK...

This is it...the huge town!

I had the amazing opportunity to join Make It Monday over a year ago and I never knew that it was going to be THIS much fun to work with such a diverse group of hysterically funny and outstandingly creative ladies.  It's like having an extended family and everyone who joins in the DT or participates in the linky parties are always treated with such warmth and acceptance.  A truly wonderful crafting blog with talent that comes from all around the world...I feel blessed to be a part of it!

I recently stepped down from a few other DT positions, all of which are AMAZING, but I had the best time working with more talented ladies at Karen's Doodles, The Squirrel & The Fox, Stamper's Quest and Craft Us Crazy.  Currently I DT at Make It Monday, Top Tip Tuesday and Nicecrane Designs.  I couldn't ask for better challenge blogs, but the reason I stepped down was to make more room for my latest hobby of refinishing furniture.  I have slowly collected a garage of this n' that and I hope to 'update' these items on a more permanent basis.  It's sad to say goodbye to things you love to do, but it's always so much fun to venture out and try new things too.  Other favorite hobbies of mine are cooking, speed walking, picking up after my children, laughing, naming the dust bunnies in my house, drawing, and spending time with my family.
A few of my furniture projects awaiting...

What would my style of stamping be????  Well that all depends on the amount of coffee I started my morning off with.  Too much coffee and the world is my template, too little coffee and I can barely finish a Clean and Simple card.  I tend to be eclectic in my crafting and always admiring new styles, techniques and textures.  I can't be specific on this answer as I find the card and or the image lead me where they want to go and basically I'm just the hands for it's journey. 

Where do I do my crafting???  I like to refer to it as my 'nook.'  All my work is done on a little desk that I found at a Thrift Store for $10.  The table is completely rickety and wobbles uncontrollably, but I LOVE my little cheap find.  I can't foresee me changing it anytime soon; unless of course it collapses on me midway through a project, then perhaps if wood glue and duct tape can't fix it, I'll get something new.  I've accessorized my desk with a lovely TV tray as well that hosts my sewing machine when needed.  Yes, it's true, I live a glamorous life...don't be jealous...Ha!

What are my favorite supplies???  Anything and everything...I'm not picky. I'll look at an item over and over and find different ways to use it.  If you stuck me in a corner with a bottle of glue, a shoe lace and a stapler...I think I could be happy for hours!

Well, I think I've rambled on enough...I don't want anyone nodding off, but I'd just like to say,
THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for all your participation in making Make It Monday what it is.  This opportunity of fabulous learning, inspiration, sharing and friendship would NOT be possible without the amazing crafters out there, all around the world, joining in to create such a truly fun and memorable stamping blog!

OK, I'm really done now...you can wake up :)
Hugs and Happy Stamping...
You Made Me Ink!

Thank you Lisa, what a fabulous post. 
I love having you on the team and I know you don't believe me when I tell you your hometown looks like paradise to Hubby and I, lol.

If you haven't already (I can't image why you wouldn't have) head on over to visit Lisa.
She is always extremely entertaining and always inspiring.

Michelle :o)


Lisa Jane said...

oh thanks Lisa .. for another little insight into your life. I love seeing where people create .. i feel i know them that little bit better .. and i can't believe how tidy it is lol! You should see my Chaos!
Lisa x

Chrissy said...

I think you make a fantastic Avatar...and I love your little town...I love the confusion of the speed signs too..lol..where's the 'silo'??....and your tiny perfect craft space...it has to be perfect with all the vintage and shabby chic gorgeousness you pump out...well, what can I say...great to know you Lisa..your'e a hoot...


Mary J said...

A simple gal is not one of the ways I'd describe you Lisa! A wonderful, funny, creative, original - taht's more like it!

So lovely to find out more about you - you are a special lady indeed!

Mary J said...

Oh, and I LOVE you in blue!

Shirley-anne said...

Lisa your home town looks like a movie set ..
Only just over 2,000 population , sounds fabulous .
Your craft area is so neat .Love having you with us as the comedian of the group .Your posts are always a delight to read as you share the most amazing papercrafts with us .

Rene said...

Lisa, I think blue is definitely your color! Lol!
GREAT write up. Guess I'll have to put Knob Noster on my list of places I must see! But I'll probably get a ticket because I'm not sure if the speed limit is 55 or 25! Bwahahaha!
So happy to be "working" with you (doesn't feel much like work though!). Now I must go name some dust bunnies and engage in my favorite "hobby" of picking up after my girls! Good luck with yours driving...agh!!!! Maybe I WON'T visit for awhile! Lol!!!! I'm sure they'll be fabulous!
Rene :D

Marjorie said...

You are amazing Hunnie..I think I tell you this every time I visit your wonderful blog:) Thank you for an insight to your home town..no traffic, no parking metres..space..heaven!! lol!! and you make a great Avatar!! Love all your old furniture..used to have a huge desk myself that looked like something out of Charles Dickens, but couldn't fit it in this house we are in now! Such a neat craft room..not quiet what I expected lol!! I agree with Mary J...You are one special lady :0)
Love and hugs,

Annette Bowes said...

Oh Lisa, you never cease to make laugh! You are far from a simple gal lol! Lovely to hear more about you, can't wait to see what you do with the furniture! Take careX:)

Karen said...

Oh honey I'm so glad I didn't miss this!!! :0)
I love it!! And yup blue is most definitely your colour!! Smiles..

Love your post it's the coolest! :))
Love where you live too it looks great.. and adore that you're restoring old furniture I think that's fabby too.. would love to do that if my arms and neck and back (and legs.. rofl laughing here) would let me.. :0)
You go girl.xx