Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm still here!


I hope you are all well and I'm sorry I haven't been around this last week or so to comment on all your wonderful creations.

Things have been happening here at home that have taken up most of my time and energy. But I'm hoping to get back in to creating this coming week and I will definately be popping over to see you all and I look forward to catching up on what you have all been busy doing.

But today I would like to say a big Thank You to my dear blogging friend Helen over at Let's Create for sending me this lovely award.

Now I have to share ten things about myself apparently so here goes..............

  1. I have never travelled overseas (and have no desire to at all)

  2. The longest I have ever lived anywhere is 9 years (that is where I am now, before that the longest was 4yrs in one place)

  3. I absolutely LOVE being a Mum.

  4. I am Mum to three boys, two of which have special needs

  5. I used to work as a cook on a fishing trawler but got fired because I was always sea sick!

  6. I hate spiders! and will very rarely leave the house after dark because of it. (pathetic I know)

  7. I am really good at reversing trailers

  8. I am addicted to chocolate.

  9. I prefer red wine over white

  10. I'm about to turn the big 40!
Now I would like to pass this award on to 10 beautiful bloggers

  1. Lisa Jane - Mess2Magic

  2. Jenny - My Inky Hands

  3. Joey - Joeys Stuff

  4. Chelsea - Crafting Lifes Pieces

  5. Barbara - I know she already has one be she definately deserves another!

Thank you ladies for your wonderful comments and the inspiration you give me.



Whimcees said...

Hello Michelle!

Thank you for this honor! The lovely comment you left for me on my blog and the above kind words have touched my heart and I thank you for your kindness.

We can project what we want others to see on our blogs - a positive spin and a happy heart - and hide the other. But I must say that this comes at a time when I feel like I am treading water and losing the battle. Your words have made me smile and given me strength. :<)

Wishing you a wonderful and happy weekend!


Barbara Diane

Shirley-anne said...

Well deserved as I know how hard it is for you to even make it to the craft room door .
Love the list of 10 things

CraftyMummy said...

Thank you so much! I have never won a blog award before :) You've made my day

Lisa Jane said...

Thank you Michelle,that is so kind of you. I will display it with pride. Hope you are ok..
Lisa ;)

Jennifer said...

Hi Michelle! Wow! Thank you for this sweet of you to think of me. Sorry to hear you haven't had any time to yourself recently. I hope you get some crafty time soon. Thanks for always taking the time to pop over to visit me and your kind comments. Bye for now! xx Jenny xx

Ink Bug said...

Love the 10 things about you and I agree with you on the chocolate and red wine! If we ever meet I'll bring some! =]

LINDA said...

Congrats on your award..You so deserve it.. And thank you for thinking of me..Hope you get some craft time soon..
Hugs, Linda

Marlene said...

I hate spiders, too!!! Doesn't Australia have some real doozies, too? Sheesh, you wouldn't catch me going out after dark in spider territory, either! HA!

Sarpreet said...

Congratulations, well deserved, thank you for sharing, not only i hate spiders - i run away from them

joey said...

Hiya Michelle,

thankyou so much for passing this award onto me, congrats on recieving it yourself :O)

Emma said...

Congrats on your award and so lovely to learn a little about you.
Hugs Emma x

Zimtschnecke said...

Wow Michelle,

thank you so much! And congrats on your award! ;-)

hugs Zimtschnecke/Bine