Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A few photos and a blog award


I have not had a lot of time for crafting of late, so many things taking priority.

But I thought today I would share a few photos with you.

I have seen so many wonderful photos on some of the blogs that I visit and I find that I love getting a little glimpse in to my blogging friends lives. So I thought I would share a few photos of my own.

First up, winter sunrise here in Far North Queensland, Australia. This photo was taken from our front veranda about 6:15am the other morning.

Now I'd love to say that I took this photo, but it would be a lie. Mornings are a boy thing in my house. Dear Hubby and my eldest boy are always up around 5:30am and the younger two are up not long after. They are very good and wait till 6:30am before they come sneaking in to wake me up with cuddles. (It will be so sad when they are too old to do that). They did try to get me out of bed early to view this spectacular sunrise but I opted for another 15 minutes sleep, slack hey! I'm glad Hubby took this photo so I didn't miss it completely.

I did take the rest of these photos though

This is a photo (also taken from our front veranda) shows a typical winters day here in the tropics. Our average daily temp is about 28 degrees (approx. 82 degrees Fahrenheit).

And here are a few of our favourite residents that we share our home with.

Our lovely Kingfishers

We now have a very magestic pair of Kookaburras who have started to visit us every evening.

and when our African Tulip trees are in flower, we get flocks of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.

Finally one of our perhaps less glamerous but still amazing fellow residents is the Titan Stick Insect. And yes that is me holding it!

And now on to my recent blog award, given to me by the lovely, generous and incredibly talented Barbara from Barbara's World of Whimcees

Thank you Barbara for thinking of me. I have so enjoyed your recent posts about Little Doll and Fat Cat.

Seeing as how this has been such a long post. I will come back another time and forward this award on to some inspiring blogs.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you all have a wonderful day.



Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Michelle. WOW, it looks gorgeous where you live, absolutely beautiful. I just love all the birds, how wonderful they are. I cant say though, that I am keen on the stick insect, rather you than me. It is so nice to see your local area though, thank you for showing the pictures.
With love, Sandra xxx

Shirley-Anne said...

They are wonderful photos , Michelle . I thought the stick insect was holding you! Your back yard looks wonderful . A great post on your blog tonight , thank you .

Lisa Jane said...

Oh wow Michelle ... what fabulous photos .. that sunset is beautiful.! The pictures taken from your veranda are lovely... and although i am not a bird lover ( their beaks scare me ) they do look wonderful.
Now i wouldn't have any trouble with "STicky" he looks a right cutie! Things like that don't bother me.. you are always a ray of sunshine in my little craftung world
Lsia ;)
Thank you for sharing and well done on your award

Monica said...

I was just looking at Loraine's followers and stopped by at your blog... the pictures from your verandah are breathtakingly beautiful. I have seen some pretty parts of Australia but your pictures are heavenly.


Ink Bug said...

Hey Michelle! Gorgeous place you live in and the birds are very impressive to me. I would love to be able to see a kingfisher, kookaburra or cockatoo hanging about in the wilds of my yard. LOL. Enjoy the blessings you have! And always be happy! =]


Kaz Hall said...

Oh WOW!! I am totally blown away by your beautiful surroundings, what a gorgeous place to wake up each day, you are so lucky:)

Love the stick insect, he looks ace! the birds are just stunning too thanks michell for sharing your photos they are just stunning xx


Helen said...

Wow, Michele, you live in such a beautiful place. No wonder you have no desire to visit anywhere else. Plus,the 82 degree for a winter! I'll take that any time. Thanks for sharing these great places.

Marlene said...

Wow - you have some of the coolest critters!!! What a neat place to live!!! That walking stick thing, though? It looks like it could take a sizable piece of real estate off my butt if it snapped its jaws!

Sharon said...

Your sunset is gorgeous Michelle, thanks so much for sharing this with us. So nice to see where our blogfriends live. You're a brave cooking with that insect on your arm. OMGoodness me, I would have run for the hills!!! LOL Take care, Sharon x

Ash said...

Awesome captures & I loved those birdies..... That last one gave me a shiver though..... I personally dislike insects & reptiles..... They are nightmares to me..... I am left scared for hours together with any kinda encounters with them..... :( & Kudos on you TOFA!


Lavender and old lace said...

what beautiful pictures my son visited your country for a few months and simply adored it I can see why love Dorothy

Germaine Ferrao -Lenn said...

Gorgeous pictures, TFS - love the birds too! Well Have not been to paradise as yet!! SOme day soon I hope! HUgs always! G

Whimcees said...


Love the photos - I wish I could come to visit your beautiful country!

You are welcome for the award - I love your blog! Thank you for the kind words! I am happy that you liked the story - I am not making it and the others into book format. :<)

Wishing you a happy weekend!


Barbara Diane

Emma said...

Wow stunning pics...not keen on the stick insect, brave you holding it too!! Aaarrrhhhh lol
Hugs Emma x