Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Truck Gift Box


I finished Dad's gift finally. It is late here now but I just had to keep going till it was done.

It turned out different to how I had imagined but I'm still pretty happy with it.

Just have to fill it with chocolates for Dad now and post it off to him.

Truck measures approximately 39cm long  x 17cm  high (15.4" x 6.7").

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sneak peak at Dad's gift


Well, as the regular followers of this blog know I have been spoilt by my generous parents and have been the recipient of a very large parcel of goodies recently.

I made a thank you gift for my mum earlier that you can see here.

Now I am working on a gift box for my Dad.

Here is a sneak peak of the project so far.

Seeing as my Dad was a truckie back in his younger days I thought this was probably a relevant style of gift box for him. Still  a work in progress though.

The idea is for it to be a semi-trailer but I fear that it is going to look more like a pimped version of Postman Pat's van.

Still we shall see how I go.

I will post pictures of complete project once it is done.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Carriage (Large) Tutorial

Oh Boy, this is my first ever tutorial and can I just say this was quite tricky for me as I dont work well with instructions and measurements etc. I just kind of work it out as I go along (a bit like the way my dad cooks really!) Still his recipes always turn out fantastic so hopefully this will pass too.

I know a lot of you have been really keen to give this carriage a go so I really wanted to get something in the way of a tutorial on here for you as quick as I could. I apologise for the quality of the photos. I started working on it this afternoon but then we had people come to inspect the house (we have our house up for sale at the moment) and then dinner got in the way and had to put the boys to bed etc etc so in the end it was dark and the quality of the photos went down hill.

First of all a photo of the finished product (just so you know no matter how rough the instructions, it does work out in the end!)

Here is a list of materials I used:

2 x A4 sheets Rose Red cardstock - Stampin Up
1 x A4 sheet Cameo Coral cardstock - Stampin Up
1 x sheet designer paper  from  Rasberry Tart  series - Stampin Up
1 metre Very Vanilla Grosgrain Ribbon 6.35mm (1/4") - Stampin Up
Double sided tape or snail adhesive
Eyelet Border punch - Stampin Up
Circle Cutter - ( I'm not lucky enough to have a circle cutter so my circles have been traced from objects and cut out by hand hence the odd measurements. but it really wont matter too much at all if you use circles that are near enough to the size I use.)

You will need to cut out the following:

2 x 14cm (5 1/2") Circles - Rose Red
2 x 13cm (5.1") Circles - Designer Paper
4 x 4.3cm (1.7") Circles - Rose Red
4 x 3.8cm (1.5") Circles - Cameo Coral
4 x 2.5cm (1") Circles - Rose Red

 23cm x 2cm  (9.1" x .8") Eylet Border strip in Cameo Coral

18cm x 1.5cm (7.1" x .6") strip in Rose Red

18cm x 1cm (7.1" x .4") strip in designer paper

2 strips of Rose Red Cardstock measuring the long length of an A4 sheet 29.6cm x 10cm (11.7" x 3.9") now this turns out to be a bit wasteful as it doesn't really need to be this long but I do it this way because when I join them together (as you will see in a bit) I want the join to be underneath the carriage where it wont be visible. You will probably find a better way to do this next time you make one.

I use a piece of cardstock to help me work out where to draw the lines on the 14cm (5 1/2") Rose Red circles to show where I need to cut them.

Use your first circle as a template for your second one so that you end up with two exactly the same.

Use a white gel pen to mark a small arrow near the centre of the circle to indicate the sides that will be on the outside of the carriage and also to point to which way is up.

Place 13cm (5.1") designer paper circle over the larger Rose Red circle and using a white gel pen place a mark on the designer paper just in a little from the cut edges of the Rose Red circle to indicate where to cut the designer paper so as to leave an even border of Rose Red all the way around the designer paper.

Now place the Rose Red circle over the top of the designer paper circle with the outside side of the circle facing up. Line the cut edges of the Rose Red circle up with the white marks you made on the designer paper to creat a guide to draw the lines to show you where to cut.

once you cut the wedge out of the designer paper adhere it with double sided tape or snail adhesive to the Rose Red circle on the side with the little white arrow on it.

Do the same for the other set of Rose Red and designer paper circles to create the other side of  the carriage.

Now using double sided tape or snail adhesive layer the three different sized smaller circles for the wheels so that you end up with four wheels that look like this.

You can now also adhere the 18cm x 1cm (7.1" x .4") strip of designer paper to the 18cm x 1.5cm (7.1" x .6") strip of Rose Red cardstock as seen above. This will be the handle of the carriage.

now with double sided tape or snail adhesive attach two wheels to each side of the carriage as shown below.

I find it helpful to do one side first and then place the second side over the top right sides facing out so that I can line the wheels up exactly.

Next you will need to work with the two large rectangles of Rose Red cardstock.

Now this is where my tutorial needs some fine tuning. It gets a bit confusing but bare with me I will try to make it clear.

these two pieces are used to join the sides of the carriage together to give it it's 3D shape. But one rectangle is not long enough to go all the way around the side of the carriage so you need to join the two rectangles together to make a longer length. But before you do that you will need to reduce the length of one of the rectangles to 21cm (8.3").

I know I know, I should have just instructed you to cut it that way in the beginning but it wasn't until I was part way through making this carriage that I realised that it would mean that the join would be hidden underneath the carriage if I did it this way.

you will need to score  along both long sides of both of the rectangles at 1cm (.4") then join the two rectangles together with a thin strip of double sided tape or snail adhesive to make one long length.

now run some adhesive tape along the scored edges making sure you start at the end that was the shorter rectangle, this will ensure that the join ends up hidden underneath the carriage.

You will notice that the tape does not go the whole length of the strip of cardstock. This is because the strip is longer than you will need. I choose not to cut it down before adhering it to the sides of the carriage because I got caught the first time I made one and cut it just a fraction too short and it ruined the whole thing and I had to start again. So now I cut it after as you will see in a little while.

Now peel the backing paper off the double sided tape and make little cuts all along the long edges as show in the photo below.

Now we get to the fun part where you get to start putting it all together!

Start by placing one side of the carriage at the end of the rectangle lining it up carefully. Slowly start to stick the rectangle to the side of the carriage following the curve as you go.

Now repeat on the other side

now you can cut off the excess. I know it is a terrible waste but I'm sure you crafty's out there will be able to fine tune this part of the process better than me the next time you go to make one of these. This is only the third one of these that I have made so I am still figuring it out as I go along.

To add the eyelet border edge to the hood of the carriage run a strip of double sided tape along the edge as shown.

Then adhere it just inside the edge of the hood as shown.

Almost finished now!

Put a little double sided tape or snail adhesive on the ends of the final strip of cardstock.

And then adhere it to the carriage as shown.

Now tie your ribbon around the middle of the carriage and you are done!!

I know this has been a very long tutorial but I hope it hasn't been to difficult to follow. Please let me know how you go making your own carriages.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Request from a friend


Well, it's been another big week.

Market stall went well on the weekend and my friend Jill's romantic short story give away was very well received. If you didn't get a copy of it you can send an email to with "Fijian Sunset" in the subject line and a copy will be emailed to you and you will also then receive montly updates of our newest creations.

Yesterday at school pick up a friend of mine put in a request for a card suitable for a baby shower which I have made for her but I got a bit carried away and ended up making a carriage to go with it. Carriage contains two baby facewashers rolled up inside.

(click on image to enlarge)

I have seen a number of tutorials on the internet for making smaller carriages for baby shower favours but I decided to have a go at making a larger one as a gift box.


Bashful Blue, Certainly Celery and Very Vanilla cardstock from Stampin Up
Designer paper - Unknown
Ribbon - Very Vanilla 1/4" (6.35cm) Grosgrain ribbon

You can view the baby girl version I have made here on the JeMbellish blog

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Pretty In Ink Sketch Challenge

When I saw the adorable image "Kelly with balloon" from Pretty In Ink I couldn't resist having a go at the sketch challenge.

I coloured this image with Lyra water colour crayons and the cirlces on the pink cardstock behind the image were doodled with white gel pen. The hearts on the purple cardstock background were hand stamped.

 Lovely Lilac and Pink Passion Card stock from Stampin Up
Best Friends Designer paper from Wendy Irving friends collection

You can go on over to Nicola's Pretty In Ink blog and check out all the other cards in the sketch challenge here.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Journal Pages

(click on images to enlarge)
Last week my Mum posted on her Stamping for joy blog about a new journal she is creating. She is sending a set of two pages to a few of her fellow crafters to fill in a little about how they began their journey in to crafting and maybe a tip or some advice to share.

She also sent two pages to me which I was more than happy to work on for her.

I decided to use my most favourite designer series paper, Bella Rose from Stampin Up.

On the first page I have put a photo of one of my most favouite creations using the Bella Rose paper.

You can view this Designer Handbag Gift Set in a previous post here.

On this second page I have made an envelope using the Bella Rose DSP.

My journalling outlined how I began crafting after a discussion with my friend Jill about how we could earn an income with out having to put our young children in to care and go out and get a job. This was how our business JeMbellish was born. 

My tip to other crafters was to not be afraid of using the "really good" paper. Cut it, tear it, fold it, what ever, just don't stash it away thinking it is too good to use. Of course once I had finished I discovered the spelling error in the journalling!

My Mum will be posting the other pages of her journal on her blog as she receives them back.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Not Sure About This One

You know how sometimes you have an idea but when you make it, it doesn't turn out quite as you had imagined. Well, this is one of those times for me.

I like the basket, I do. It is very quick and easy to make, but I think I will have to keep my thinking cap on for what to fill it with.

The flowers are punched shapes and I have used cardstock as the stalks and stuck them to the bottom of the basket. Then I have used shredded tissue paper to fill in the gaps. I think if I try this one again I would use some florist foam at the bottom and put the flowers on wire etc.

Regal Rose & Kiwi Kiss Cardstock - Stampin Up
Sweet Always Designer Series Paper - Stampin Up
Plastice Baby's Breath Flowers
Rhinestones assorted colours

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Have a wonderful Valentines weekend.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Having so much fun!!

(click on images to enlarge).

Oh I have been having soooo much fun playing with all the pressies I got in my parcel from my parents!!

Here are some photos of the project I have been working on.

This one is for my Mum to thank her for all the support she gives me.

I am still working on a gift for my Dad. Making things for guys is always so much harder! But I have an idea and I will post it here as soon as it is completed.


Cardstock - Kiwi Kiss and Riding Hood Red from Stampin-up
DSP - Bella Rose from Stampin-up
Stamps - Great Friend and Butterfly Prints from Stampin Up

You can see my other version of this keepsake box in my post on  JeMbellish blog

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Who's a spoilt girl then?


Have a look at this amazing parcel of goodies I received from my Mum and Dad yesterday!

 It contains five different sets of Stampin-Up designer series papers, five stamp sets, ribbon and punches (not in photo).

I am going to have sooo much fun playing with this amazing treasure trove.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Be sure to come back soon to see what I create with all of these beautiful products.

Thanks Mum and Dad!!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Romance Is In The Air

Every where you look there are hearts and chocolates adorning the windows and shelves of every store. Even the hardware stores manage to cash in on valentines day! I know it is probably way too over commercialised but I still love Valentines Day and I believe in romance. So to that end here are a couple of Valentines cards I have made.

click on image to enlarge

I have used SU DP for this card in tones of pink and grey. The heart is hand cut from SU Real Red card stock and the bear is a stamp from Kaszazz. Sentiment is printed from my computer.

click on image to enlarge

The blue DP is from Kaszazz adn the Riding Hood Red cardstock is from SU. I have used the truckloads of love stamp set from SU also. The hearts in the back of the ute have been hand drawn. Image was coloured with Lyra water colour crayons.

You can see these cards and more Valentines Day gift ideas over It is our first birthday this month and we are celebrating by giving you the gift.

My friend and business partner Jill is an aspiring author and has written a short romantic tale set on the island of Fiji to give away to all our subscribers.

First installment of this story will be emailed to subscribers on Thursday 11th February and the second and final installment will be sent on Sunday (Valentines Day)

So head on over to to receive your free romantic short story.